Sunday, December 8, 2013

The wallet...

I have made some good friends at the tennis club. Today I played in the club championships and teamed up with a lovely young girl after my partner suddenly had to ditch me cancel. We won 2 sets and lost one 8-5 and the other in a tie breaker. All in all a good day, not too hot and not too late. If I had of entered a mixed or veterans section I would have had another 6 sets to play and that would have been just too much. We aren't club champions after all.

Hayley gave this to me for Mothers Day
I was telling someone today what had happened on Thursday night and now I will tell you. After the grand final we stood around and had some drinks to celebrate, I got my wallet out to pay and put it on a ledge while we were chatting. I didn't give it another thought and I didn't get another drink as I was driving. When I got home at about 1045pm I heard a little tapping on the front door. I opened to see the lovely Rosie standing there with my wallet in her hand.

As they were leaving the club rooms they noticed the wallet, looked inside for my address then dropped it off to me on their way home. What lovely kind, considerate people. And I hadn't yet noticed the missing wallet before it was returned to me and I didn't have any hassle trying to get it back from locked club rooms or the stress of cancelling cards etc.

Thank you John and Rosie. I am very lucky to found such good people through tennis.

We have used up our 500 gig data allowance again this month, we are really puzzled as to where all this data is going. Just a few more days of really slow internet before it is reset. We are using as little as possible until then but it is very difficult, we are all so dependant on it. May not be a post until we sort this out.

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  1. How nice that you didn't even have a chance to worry about where you'd lost your wallet. It's funny where you come across some of the loveliest people. There's certainly more benefits to playing sport than just physical! Jayden's new rep basketball team has connected us to some of the most wonderful new friends in the other parents. Glad you have your wallet back. Hope you're enjoying the festive countdown. xo