Friday, December 6, 2013

A day off...

After last night's tennis grand final I woke up with a very sore forearm. I know it's an overuse issue but I wont give up tennis so am trying this to soothe my ache

This pungent salve was an enormous help to Hayley after she crushed her fingers. After the damage was repaired from the heavy sash window falling onto her hand she used to rub in Tiger Balm to ease the lingering ache. She even took it with her to the UK so I had to buy another pot. It smells strongly of spices and it has a strange effect of warming the muscle until it feels cold. That sounds strange I know, but that is how it feels. I am playing in the Club Championships on Sunday so I want to be in good condition.

We missed out on cardio tennis this morning and my forearm has felt OK while I was scrapping/chatting with Big Sister today for a much needed catch up. There were work woes aplenty to commiserate about. We are both looking forward to our Christmas break.

I'm looking forward to some warm weather as well...

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