Monday, December 2, 2013

December daily - its all about fertility...

I am trying to post a daily photo in December and wondered what I would put up the days I am at work. During the week we work, eat and repeat. We wear uniforms daily and lead a pretty boring life. So when this little bit of gold landed in the mail box this afternoon, it really helped me out.

Cal has been randomly selected from the electoral roll to participate in a survey about fertility management.

He looked at me a bit incredulously when I asked him if he would do it. Seeing as he is a 22yo male without a girlfriend it seems pointless to him and just a bit embarrassing.

I know they need a broad cross section of answers to satisfy their enquiring minds and to give us the real truth. He on the other hand does not.

I was just tickled with the large envelope from Monash University, and we got a good laugh out of it anyway.

Today was a very warm day and my dedicated handy husband has replaced the broken pump from the rooftop air conditioner. Yesterday he was on the roof doing its pre season maintenance and declared the pump deceased. Today between runs and a trip to the plumbing suppliers (and $150 later) he has it working very nicely thank you very much.

Probably by Thursday we will need the heater again.

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