Tuesday, December 24, 2013


A good last day at work that brought about more gifts and platitudes was marred by a fender bender for Erin. Someone pulling out of a driveway failed to give way and she couldn't stop before bumping into him. No-one hurt, no major damage just a shake up that an experienced driver may have avoided but with only 9 hours under her belt did not. His admission of "I wasn't looking, I didn't see you" helps a little. His insurance will have to pay but  over the Christmas break may not happen for a while. 

So the mood around here was a bit sombre as we did the last minute things but she made me laugh out loud tonight when she proclaimed that she hadn't realised pickles were...vegetables.
Erin had thought that that's what they were, just pickles, not that the vegetables were pickled to get like that. Not that she eats pickles. She sees them as the annoying thing that (other) people pick out of their burgers. She was a bit embarrassed that she hadn't realised that. Some things you learn you don't get taught you just sort of know them. This wasn't one of them.

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