Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Hayley...

Dear Hayley,
I loved our Skype conversation yesterday, you definitely have a lilt to your voice that has an English influence but your funny, quirky self still shines through. I went through your stuff today looking for the peach scarf but couldn't find it. I found a jumper and a thick shirt that Erin has snaffled up to wear. If the Post Office x-rays your parcel they might be a bit puzzled by the hair extensions. Don't read the declaration on the outside of the parcel so you get a suprise when you open it.

I have been playing around with the camera and put the exposure onto 5 seconds to get this pic of the lit Christmas tree

 Not bad. It took a few shots to get this one, you cant see what you are photographing in the dark.

Then I put the camera on 'P' for this shot of your decoration. Erin wanted to put all the decorations on the tree in the end.
Hope you are nice and warm and looking forward to Christmas.

Love you, Mum

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