Saturday, December 14, 2013

The kitchen's heating up...

I started on the Christmas baking. Finally. Erin had made peppermint truffles, some to give to her guitar teacher and has nearly eaten the rest herself. Today I started the rum balls and the almond bread and made some of these yummy spice cookies

Tomorrow in between our Day Medical Christmas Lunch and shopping I will make the Christmas cake, some gingerbread, roll the rum balls, slice and dry the almond bread and hopefully make the panforte, rocky road and cashew clusters.

I had to drive 70km to get the glace fruit I needed. Nowhere closer had any. Chris and I zoomed over to the Nut Shack in Werribee to get it and then they didn't have any figs. While I was being served an older couple struck up a conversation about glace fruit. In the 10 minutes it took to get my requirements I learned that they were travelling from Adelaide to see family and cant get glace fruit anywhere in Adelaide. He was born in Seddon and tomorrow is their 50th wedding anniversary. They were lovely people but chatty.

We are off to our favourite restaurant, The Plough, for Chris' breakup. Should be a good night, I know several of the drivers but more of the wives from tennis or work. There is nothing worse than not knowing anyone at your partners function. That is why Chris will stay home tomorrow while I go out and enjoy some more good food at Stone.

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