Friday, December 6, 2013


Missed yesterday's daily pic. I shouldn't say my plans out loud as they don't always eventuate. Yesterday I went to a 730am meeting which was today. I then went to work, came home and went for a run then fell asleep on the couch.
Today I went to the 730 am meeting on the correct day, had a busy day at work which included failing the student's clinical placement. I came home with one eye on the weather bureau's radar which tracked the sometimes heavy showers and wondered if we would get our mixed doubles tennis grand final in.

turned out to be a chilly perfect night
Well we did

Runners up this time
 It was very close. 2 sets a piece and it came down to the 5th set decider. I won one and lost one, so it was very even and lots of fun. It was quite cold still and only one shower interrupted play. It was as cold today in Melbourne as it was in Ipswich for Hayley.

I'll try to keep up with a daily pic from now on.

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