Thursday, December 19, 2013

The day where nothing happened...

Still having internet problems but was hoping that the NBN connection that was booked for today will fix them. And it might. When they come and install the next bit we will know. We are one of the first areas to roll out the NBN in Australia and during the year it was commonplace to see men working in pits outside our homes or digging up the nature strips. We had the outside connection put in some months ago. The next step is to install another box inside your house then your internet provider installs a new modem. They (NBN Co) didn't show and the next booking is for 30th Dec. So maybe then we will be a bit closer to fast reliable broad band. 

We were feeling the love today when the Specialist gave us our Christmas gift.

One each, for a special occasion
He celebrates Chinese New Year instead of Christmas but always thanks us generously. Thank you Dr F, I will enjoy.

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