Monday, November 25, 2013

My gorgeous girl...

I was trying to explain to Erin why I hate so much when people put up their hand to block their face when you are trying to take their picture. Or they turn away or pull a face. What you end up with is a bad photo of them and this reinforces their wailing on how bad they look in photos. If you just do a nice smile and its all over and everyone is happy. She has been doing this to me lately, wont let me take her picture, it is very frustrating. Chris is exactly the same. We will look back one day and wont have any good photos.

So we sat and thumbed through her scrapbook albums last night. And she has a few. There were lots of 'aww how cute' moments. She was reading through the comments and notes and we had a lovely time looking back at them. She remarked how the number of photos has dwindled and that reinforced my point exactly.

Hopefully she wont carry on in the future when I pull out my lovely new camera. It also sparked lots of conversation about what sort of a baby she had been and some of her accomplishments. It was a very nice time spent together. I think she is gorgeous and I love her to bits.

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