Thursday, November 21, 2013

I hate moths...

I hate moths. I hate the way they flap around. If you look closely at a moth they have creepy furry bodies and feelers. I hate they way that they fly straight at you. I don't like spiders much either but I know a spider on the wall will stay there, it wont suddenly fly into your face. I also don't like the gutsy feeling if you are brave enough to cover them with a tissue and squash them. They will not co-operate if you try to shoo them out the door.

this is my hell
We are having a plague of them at the moment and there are hundreds flapping around outside and many of them are making their way inside...shudder...
If I leave the washing out overnight invariably there will be a few stuck inside the clothes when I bring them in. And as I sit here and type with the blinds open they are banging on the window trying to get to the light.

They love my grapevine and they are out there laying eggs that will turn into caterpillars which will eat my lovely shady grapevine leaves.

That is all.

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