Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tennis and tea...

Yesterday was the second High Tea Tennis Tournament run as a fundraiser for the hospital. I had worried over the forecast over the last week but in the end the showers stayed away, we had a mild day with little wind and occasional breaks of sunshine. The day couldn't have turned out better. Or it might have if we had come home with a trophy. But not to worry we all had fun.

 This year I paired up with Helen. Her partner from last year moved to Cairns in June so we've started a new pairing. We are similar players and were put into B grade and ended up winning 2 and losing 2 of the 4 matches. We were soundly beaten by the eventual winners of our Grade but we were a bit stiff to lose to the other pair. They were an older pair who were pretty serious about the match. We were ahead 4-2 when Helen copped a ball in her face. Her sunglasses didn't break but cut into the bridge of her nose. We suspended play and mopped up the blood then returned to the court. Even though she said she was fine I think Helen was a bit rattled after that and we went down 4-6. You have to watch out for the older ones they don't look like they have got the goods but they can whip your arse without breaking a sweat.

I thought I had the goods
 We had a yummy lunch between sets and some champers afterwards

It was a very nice way to spend a Friday all for a good cause.

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