Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Dear Hayley,
Thank you so much for your lovely message. I loved it, it was so nice to have you express those feelings. The gratitude you feel is mirrored in my own feelings for you.  I wanted to respond with a message that was equally moving about how much I love you, how you shaped me as a mother as much as I shaped you and how proud I am of you. I think it came across as a ditto but I meant it. After talking about you recently I realised how I miss you keenly. I don't want you to come home yet but I do miss you, your lovely sense of humour, your you-ness. I  am very proud of you and the person you have become, a person that is entertaining to be around. Someone that others want to be with. I look forward to your Instagrams because they are a perfect reflection of your quirky humour and unique style. I know you can be moody and that you recognises this in yourself too but nobody is perfect.

And I'm posting these pics as reminders of what's happening at home, not to make you homesick.

 Callum cut his hair again and he does a good job, he looked really good today with his shirt on. It was 30 degrees today, too good to be a work, a sneak preview of Summer.

 Erin loves taking pictures of Pippa with my new camera, there are more photos of her than of anything else.

Here I am modelling the top Erin tie dyed for me. This white top was going to the op shop but has found a new life. She has got the dyeing bug and wants to do more. 
Careful Pippa she might dye you too!

Dad had a charter to Anglesea today, and took some kids to camp. Good day to go the beach. Erin was sick all the long weekend and didn't go back to school today either. Dad didn't realise she didn't go until we told him tonight!

Hope you are working lots and having fun, love Mumma, xxx

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