Sunday, November 10, 2013

Next challenge...

The next test I have for you is a bit more confronting. It is a fitness calculator.
You don't have to tell me the result this time but it may be a trigger for improvement if you want.

My result was a pleasing fitness age of 39 years which is just as well for all the work I do! 11 years off my bio age is a nice reward. We are doing the City 2 Sea next Sunday (14kms) so I did a solo 10k today for training. Its not as much fun running on your own but a field of 13,000 will help us along.

Erin has been driving a little each day and is slowly improving. Yesterday she drove on an 80km road and did well. Her accelerating was hampered by a misfire in the Barina which Chris will attend to. Today she drove me down to the flower stall and parked at the shopping centre. She has been sick for over a week now and hopefully will go back to school tomorrow, only a few weeks left of term.

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