Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cup Day...

What cup? A day off for a horse race always seems ridiculous to me but I'll take it. In fact it was a lovely 5 day break culminating in today's Tennis Tournament. We played 6 sets of tennis and my partner and I had a  mixed day winning 3 and losing 3. The day was perfect, sunny with the lightest of breezes. Sunscreen worked well and after all those hours in the sun I am not burnt. Usually I don't get that quite right. The grass courts were magnificent  and we adjusted from months of playing on mod-grass quickly. Of course we all had to stop to watch 'the race that stops the tennis tournament' with a glass of bubbly then back on to play the last 2 sets. I am tired now and will go to bed soon, there is nothing on tv to keep me up.

Erin is following in Hayley's footsteps with a passion for tie dying and despite feeling sick this weekend has dyed a double bed sheet and an old T shirt I was going to toss out. The under arms were a little yellowed and I had culled my stash of white T's down by a total of one. Now the top is yellow and pink tie dye pattern and I get to keep it a bit longer. She also printed a couple of her own singlet tops with some transfer paper we had found at Spotlight and pictures printed off the internet. She had wanted a Tokio Hotel T shirt for some time now and I had resisted because the postage was more than the top. She has done a good job and I didn't have to be involved apart from some advice sought via text message between sets.

Tomorrow I'll tell you how wonderful Hayley is, that's another long post. And I'll have to remember tomorrow is Wednesday in this mucked up week.

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