Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dear Hayley...

Dear Hayley,

I had the day off today in lieu of Friday. I have to go into the city for a forum so had a break mid week. It was nice actually to get some cleaning done and to pick up Erin from school. It has rained all day again and been very gloomy. I noticed that the trees in Grant St are full of leaves not bare like the wintery feel we have at the moment. It has been cold, I've had the heater on. I made little cakes this afternoon with Erin and it made me feel good, I would like to be a stay at home Mum being able to make things for you all. It was good too to get the dinner organised early which would be good when I need to go out at 7 for tennis.
When I made the cakes I was reminded of how my Nana would have cakes ready for us after school and I would eat loads of them before dinner, they were so yummy and fresh.
We had tuna patties for tea and I made a yummy sauce to go with them, it was natural yoghurt, gherkin and parsley.

Random thought: I noticed tonight that the label on the bottle says 'Sarsaparilla'. I've always called it Sarsparella. No a. 

Erin went back to school this week but every day she has fallen asleep before dinner. Twice I came in from work and there she was tucked up under a blanket and again today. The weather doesn't help. She might be anaemic, she was taking iron tablets but she forgets them.

This weekend we are running in the City 2 Sea but we have not done much training for it. I think it will be OK, Running Buddy is stressing. She asked me to go to Bikram Yoga with her in Werribee and I think I will go over the holidays when there is no tennis on. She enjoyed her first 2 sessions and said she has never sweated like it. It goes for 90 mins and you aren't allowed to talk and she got into trouble for laughing. She said she couldn't help it, she was behind a man with speedos on and kept getting an eyeful. You aren't allowed to leave either, if you get too hot you have to sit it out.

I'm sorry I tell you things that people say about you as if you were dead. It's just that I like to retell these anecdotes as other people are missing you too or telling me how wonderful you are. I still spend all my time talking about you or giving updates when they ask how you are going.

How did your job hunting go? It would be funny if you get a waitressing job in a Mexican restaurant, going back to your roots. Keep thinking of what sort of coat you want. I could go to our local op shops but still wouldn't be able to pick your taste. Do you have enough scarves/beanies/gloves too?

Thinking of you over there in the cold, love Mumma, xxx

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