Monday, November 18, 2013

City to sea wrap up...

Photos and times are in, the race is done and I am looking forward to the next event.

We couldn't have asked for a better day yesterday morning with a top of 22 forecast. The skies were clear and blue and not even a puff of wind. We lined up outside the Arts Centre in St Kilda Road and headed off in the second 'green' wave at 8:10. Down St Kilda Rd at a cracking pace, around Albert Park Lake and then down Fitzroy St to Beaconsfield Pde and back to Catani Gardens. The course was fantastic. All 14kms were flat or even the slightest hint of a decline down to the foreshore.

I struggled towards the end. My mind was telling me all the things I didn't do right.  Mistake number 1. I hadn't really trained for this distance. I foolishly thought that the training we did for the half marathon would carry me over the line. Mistake number 2. I didn't carbo load or hydrate the day before. At 10 ks in I felt as if I had no energy at all. Mistake number 3. I didn't wear my compression pants. Placebo or not those pants seem to squeeze the best out of you. Mistake number 4. My shoes are on the way out. I need to replace them, they have done the hard yards and have no spring left in them. Mistake number 5. I ran too fast in the beginning. Classic mistake, I've read lots of articles telling me you shouldn't but I couldn't seem to get the pace right. Mistake number 6. I let my head get the better of me and I didn't like the last bit and just wanted it to be done.

I finished in 1:33 and beat myself senseless with the "what I should have done differently's". The rest of the day was lovely. We had coffees and a late second breakfast and a browse around St Kilda market and shops with our medals around our necks like the Victors we felt.

I'm sure we'll do that one again, with hindsight and a little recovery time I am feeling good again about this running caper.

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