Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dear Hayley...

Dear Hayley,

Hello love! So the weather is changing and you're feeling the cold now. I was reading this page about moving abroad...
Have a read, I think you will identify with all of the points, especially how its normal to have some regrets.

We had 2 lovely warm days and now its back to cold again. I am hoping our Ladies Day Tennis Tournament on Friday will not be a wash out. Fingers crossed. I've put on some fake tan lotion but it might be for nothing.

Maureen's daughter Amanda is back from her travels and is looking for work locally to save some money before she heads off again. She has an interview at the new Max Brenner chocolate shop that has opened at Woodgrove. She was thinking of applying at Burke on Main as they 'need staff' but I told of your experience and she wasn't keen anyway.

Do you want me to send over my red woollen knitted coat from Ishka? Erin tells me you want the hair and a peach scarf, is there anything else?

She is desperate to see the second Hunger Games movie, we might go on the weekend. Did you see Jennifer Lawrence's new pixie hair cut? It looks really cute. Wish my short hair looked as good.

I've started watching the next Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but there is no Taylor or Camille. I get annoyed with it and fast forward through the bits where they are fighting with each other and then the show is over.

Love to you my dear and I hope you are having fun with your new friends and enjoying the 'living abroad' experience, xxx

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