Monday, January 30, 2012

Hot & cold activities...

The school holidays are winding up, the last few days slipping away from us.

Erin's weeks have been filled with Christmas, sleeping in, visits with friends, camping at the beach, bike riding, swimming, face timing, facebooking and the last 2 days with a trip to Adventure Park and today ice skating at the Icehouse.

Yesterday was hot and sunny, perfect for playing on the water slides. Today was still hot and the Icehouse was a cool place to be.

skating around on the Bradbury rink
While the girls were skating I popped over to have a look at Costco. Now I am not a member and when I walked in the entrance I was handed a book of coupons and not given a second glance. I wanted to have a look around before I signed up so thats what I did. No one stopped me, no one asked to see any ID, I just browsed. When I asked a helpful staff member what the process was to join up he looked at me quizzically and asked how did I get in? I just walked in the entrance door I told him. He was a bit puzzled. I gather they dont usually let you browse around before you sign up. Lucky for me I did just that. Nothing grabbed me and said "I am such a bargain you cant leave without me". Some things are peculiar to Costco so a bit hard to tell if it is a true saving but nothing was a must have or convinced me to part with $60 to join up. Maybe if it was close by I would go regularly to get some cheap bog rolls but its not for me.

So after that disappointment I went over to a pretty deserted Harbour Town and found some bathers in a Rebel clearance store that were a bargain.

Now after a lovely 5 days off  I must strip off my jewellery and trim my nails to head back to work tomorrow.

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