Saturday, January 14, 2012


I was looking forward to celebrating my 50th birthday with a helicopter ride. I have always wanted to and thought that might be a fun way to mark the milestone.

Might be a bit risky, several incidents lately have made me rethink the thrill seeker thing

The girl who survived 20m fall when her bungee cord snapped at Victoria Falls might put one off that pursuit.

Loads of people celebrate all kinds of events by going ballooning, but even that can turn bad.

The woman who died in this New York helicopter crash was celebrating her 40th birthday.

We tend to forget about the risks involved when we set out to experience some ventures but on balance many people have enjoyed these pursuits.

Just don't do a Google search of 'accidents' before you go or you will never leave the couch.

Edited to add:

Seems I can cross cruising off the list now too

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