Friday, January 13, 2012

Big plans...

I had planned to do another long bike ride today along the Barwon River but the weather was not conducive so Erin and I went along my running track beside our river instead.

From Erin's photos I realise I still run like a duck.

 But this style of running will see me do 6 Fun Runs this year. Beginning on Feb 5th I will be running beside other rivers, lakes and tracks aroung the city. I am thinking of doing the longer race on April 1st so I can go in the Domain tunnel and over the Bolte bridge. Still some time to decide. After swimming in the ocean at Port Fairy I have talked myself out of doing the Biathlon at Brighton Beach, the swim part was too hard.

I was also able to do some more scrapping and organising today

number 2

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