Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day...

Happy Australia Day!

For lots of people it means a day of clebrating with BBQs and fireworks, citizenship ceremonies and Australia day honours.

For me it was a laid back start to a 5 day stretch of leave. It felt like a Saturday not a Thursday, I even waited for Funny Home Videos to start after the news.

I did get a run in this morning but being a public holiday there were heaps of people down there already. It was a bit of funny lap as the track was closed along the river section. Not sure if it was part of the park rangers strike action or something to do with the lettuce farm tractor access.

Hayley begrudgingly helped me fix up my iPod which I had managed to wipe clean last night doing an update. She gets frustrated with me when I ask the same questions but I don't find iTunes easy to navigate and I thought I was pretty switched on with various programs. Good news is that I now have Bridge to 10k running with a music track. I will start that officially on Saturday almost 12 months to the day since I started my running adventure with the 5k program.

I'm off now to start my third borrowed book.

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