Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Friday...

First up this morning I battled horrendous traffic (for Bacchus Marsh) to get Erin to school. She started back on Wednesday and the traffic was bad but today was worse as we had to drive past the other school which was having their first day today. The 4 km trip took 18 minutes because we left a little later seeing as I was not heading to work.

Instead of heading to my favourite running spot I left the car at school and set off on my first day of the 'Bridge to 10k' program. This turns out to be quite a good route. The school is on the edge of town and this road is an unsealed country road. Only 3 cars passed me ( one of which sped past me and showered me with dust and stones ... a** hole). As I was running I thought to myself how isolated it is out here, what if I get knocked over, no-one knows where I am, I don't have my mind was playing tricks on me because out in the middle of this nowhere land I thought I could smell pancakes or waffles or cake or something delicious. About 5km out I came to a railway crossing and wouldn't you know it the bells start ringing and here comes the Ballarat train! I waved to the driver so he knew I was waiting. After it passed I turned back anyway, now I know that the rail line is my half way point.

I'll use that route again, very few people, no dogs, no dog poo, just flies and the cows and me. But next time I'll tell someone where I'll be.

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