Thursday, January 19, 2012


Back to paid employment this week and I have been a little distracted by that and also by trying to decide whether to go ahead and commit to buying a camper trailer to continue our adventures.

So distracted it wasn't until late this morning I remembered it is our 27th wedding anniversary today. It nearly slipped by us unacknowledged.

Luckily we can text each other during work hours to say 'Happy Anniversary to you'. 27 years doesn't get a mention in the front of your diary with which item you should commemorate it. It barely rates a mention. I have to hold out for another 3 years to get to 'pearl'.

I think this year will be celebrated with canvas.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Jo and Chris. Ours (on Friday) was pretty low key this year too. To much else going on around here, so no bells and whistles this year. Just a couple of mushy texts to each other :)