Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hot Sunday...

Its been a hot weekend and that always curtails my activities. I like to find a cool spot and venture out to the backyard or clothesline only when necessary.

This hot weather means I haven't had a run or a chance to use this new toy

 My lovely husband bought me my very own bike, the first one bought for me since I was a little girl. I've been riding a donation and the kids bikes of late. So as soon as it cools off I'm off.

I've completed another 2 layouts

number 4
 A page about bits of Summer that we find on holiday

And another page from this Christmas

number 5
My total of 50 pages for the year is on track.

I have an idea for a couple more pages which have been partly inspired by a focus  on Teens by Write.Click.Scrapbook.
I took a photo of this plant that Erin made me buy. I plan to include journalling about how I often indulge her, how she can wear me down to purchase things I hadn't planned to and about our relationship as she matures.

I also got inspiration from that same site to scrap a page about my memories of my Nana and how much I loved her. I just have to find a photo that captures how I remember her later in her life.

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