Wednesday, January 11, 2012

50 layouts...

I'm setting myself a challenge for 2012 of the scrapbooking kind.

I want to complete 50 layouts this year. I've seen people challenge themselves to complete 100 in 12 months but I am going for 50. Less pressure on me. And that is still 1 a week which might not seem like much but sometimes a busy life gets in the way of hobbies.

I am starting with this one, which I technically started last year but finished and put away today, so it has become the inaugural one.

number 1
 I have planned out about 10 more layouts and printed photos from our Christmas, beach, holiday snaps for them. I found a new/old folder and have sketched out some ideas and put them together so I remember my plans. Do I have 50 events this year that are scrap worthy? maybe I will have to go back to my stash of older photos to finish or even redo some of the earlier layouts that I dont like anymore.

On another (running) note, fitting as this first layout is about running, I went for a run this afternoon in the chilly wind and light sideways rain. It was the best run I have had for ages, I just kept going. Instead of my ipod to listen to, which is still at big Sisters with the SLR, I just focused on my breathing and kept going and going, saying to myself  'just to the end of this row', 'just to the next bench', 'just to the carpark' until I was done.

That feeling of achievement is what others talk about...I get it.


  1. Perhaps I could challenge myself to do 20...maybe 10? Louise

  2. 20 would be very achievable...go for it