Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 40 degrees...

Where do you not want to be on a 40 degree day????

You do not want to be in a tent

Even under those tall trees at the back of this picture that line the Moyne River the hot wind makes you feel terrible.

Even at the beach it is only while you are jumping in the waves that you get any relief. By the time you have walked back to the caravan you are dry and hot again. My carefully sunscreening of my feet had limited effect and my toes are a bit more burned today. Those slip on shoes made out of wetsuit material might be the answer.

Thankfully this extreme heat is forecast to last only 1 day then back to more manageable temperatures. I saw on the news tonight that nearby Warrnambool reached 43 degrees. That would have been around the time the caravan park lost power and we nearly lost our minds. Back to the beach to try to cool off and by dinner time a cool change had come through, we may survive after all.

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