Sunday, January 22, 2012


A friend from work loaned me 4 books to read and that has quite distracted me from my goal of working on my 50 layouts. I had started on a couple and once I get back into my routine I will be able to continue on.

Number 3
Also keeping me busy is training for a run on Feb 5th (fingers crossed for cool weather), and trying to keep up with watering the garden in this warm weather. I would like it to rain just enough to top up the diminishing tanks and give me a break from watering. After dinner I go out into my garden and water and potter around, it is such a nice place to be.

If I didn't have to go to work I could get so much more done.


  1. Loved reading through your blog...your scrapping is beautiful. Good on you for training in this weather...I get a bit slack with my running in summer. Will get back to it after the op. Thanks for visiting my blog. I keep thinking I will stop blogging...I often wonder what's the point. But I can never quite bring myself to close it down for good. That's one bit of clutter I haven't got rid of!

  2. Thanks for visiting Christine!