Sunday, November 20, 2011

Run Geelong...

 The morning was clear, sunny (only 12 degrees) and perfect for running

This second hill slowed my down, I took this phone pic and then started running again.

We did a lap of Skilled stadium at the end of the 6km rpute and I was doing really well until I psyched myself out and stopped running about 3/4s of the way around. I thought this is crazy, I have run nearly the whole way, including all the way up the first hill, so I then sprinted to the finish line. The timer said 40 minutes so I think my time will be just under that. It was very congested at the start as about 10,000 of us made our way to the start gate.
I tried to get a self pic as no-one would be my official photographer today.
Here I am, an hour after the race, pretty pleased with myself. This was the best run yet (and I hate hills, but I used to hate rain as well)


  1. Well done. Glad the day was better for running. L

  2. Do you have any idea how awesome I think you are? My running days were short lived thanks to this fibro cr*p, but I so enjoyed feeling fit enough to RUN! Now I live vicariously through your running exploits. You should be very pleased with yourself luv. I'm very proud of you. xxx