Friday, November 11, 2011


Hayley told me that today is a special day. Apart from being our Remembrance day, the 11th of November 2011 has special significance as a cleansing day.

After a run this morning, after a pause to remember our servicemen and women, I had a cleansing day.

I unblocked a toilet and scrubbed clean a saucepan. The pan was severely burned when Callum was put in charge of cooking the macaroni (he left on his bike and totally forgot about it, the contents of the pot were about to catch fire when the smoke detectors alerted Erin who was in her room with door shut. The burnt pasta on the bottom of the pot was set like concrete. I had tried a couple of the regular things to try to salvage it but it wouldn't budge. In a last ditch effort I sprinkled dishwasher powder in and left it be (forgot about it actually). Today I chipped at it and it started to come away and then a scrub with steel wool and I've saved it from the bin. I have a drawer full of saucepans but this stainless steel one had been my mothers and even though the handle had come off the lid I used it frequently and it looks like I will be able to continue to cook up a storm in it.

Many couples tied the knot today (Happy anniversary to Little sis who got married on this day many years ago too) and some lucky babies have a very memorable birthday. I often think that Hayley nearly had a memorable birthday but missed out by a few hours, she could have shared Princess Beatrices' birthday of 8/8/88 but if you believe in the fate of birthdays/dates she may have had a very different life indeed.

Next year will be the last of these special dates for some time. My calculations say 2/2/22 will be the next one.

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