Thursday, November 10, 2011


Number 1 son rides a motorbike.

Number 1 son is 20 years old.

Some say these two things shouldn't go together, something about 'immature brains' 'feeling indestructible' and 'risk taking'.

Boy Racer senior is sooo old he has forgotten what it was like to be young and 'indestructible'.

All this was reinforced last night when Melbourne had the worst storms ever forecast and Callum decided he was going into the city to a band signing at a music store. At 5pm. Into the eye of the storm. Despite the best warnings of both parents. And a big sister.

But off he went on his bike (at least he took his wet weather gear), lined up, got some stuff signed and then came home. When he got here Chris was waiting in the driveway, pacing. When he arrived he was very wet but safe and didn't know what all the worry was for. Much like his father had done exactly when he was that risk taking age.

And we didn't get the storms that hit other areas. Lucky for Callum.

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