Sunday, November 13, 2011


The (Bill) Gates as Chris calls them, are finally done.

We had the idea to put an access to the big shed when we fixed up the backyard. Chris had the frames for ages and it was becoming a procrastination point. Chris always wanted to have the access since the shed went up about 5 years ago and I wanted the backyard fixed up first. We would argue back and forth about which should come first and nothing got done. I eventually won and the backyard was done. Since all that work (in June) Chris had gone back to his procrastination about finishing the gate and since then progress has been very slow. Each weekend the weather has been getting warmer or during his week off  it was rain that stopped play.

Today was going to be THE day. The day I could stop nagging and finish off this job. I had to help more than I planned and it wasn't that bad a job. I can't see what the hold up was after all.

One last chance at stalling

The frames were in place, we added the colourbond sheets

 Chris got to use a couple of his whiz bang power tools

 The gates are hung, the fence removed, the middle post dug out, dirt levelled off, a board put in place and the drop bolts attached.

 Ta da!!!
Now Chris can procrastinate as long as he likes on moving stuff around in his shed to accomodate the car when he wants to work on it. I don't want/need to be involved, its his domain. Which means it might never happen.

My nagging is done (for now).

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