Monday, November 21, 2011


As published in the Geelong Advertiser this morning, our results

39 minutes exactly!

 I am really pleased with my result. As you can see I placed 2874 of some nearly 11,000 participants.

Can you see me down there??

As we were running along the sound of running shoes slapping the bitumen made me smile. It was a good feeling on the day and I am still basking in that feeling now, especially as my result is an improvement.

I was feeling that my time for a wet 5km in Lara was a bit slow so went back to recheck the Mothers Day result of 29:56. No wonder it seemed fast, it was only 4km.

So I have improved in both in time and how I actually feel when I am running. This kind of reward makes the training bit seem not so bad and I never thought I would say it but...

I'm looking forward to the next one.

(Can't wait til May, will have to find something in between)

Edited to add: Results published by the Run Geelong team are
Overall position: 2822
Gender position: 1257
Category position 40-49yrs: 238

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