Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still sick...

A quiet activity you can do at home while you are in self imposed quarantine is...


I have enough supplies to keep me going through any epidemic so between naps & nose blowing I completed this.

Albie is a friends dog, he came along to our holiday in Port Fairy post Christmas. He is a 'small but mighty' long haired chihuahua & is very well behaved. He walked his legs off on our early morning beach walks & thinks he is much bigger & tougher than he really is. And he put up with Erin's affections.

Erin loves dogs & animals in general, she has told me before that she would like to be a vet, a vet nurse or a dolphin trainer when she leaves school. We'll see.


  1. That's a cute LO..hope you're feeling much better soon Jo Gx

  2. Sorry to hear you are still unwell. Hope you feel better soon.