Friday, May 8, 2009


While browsing around my favourite blogs I found this on Ali Edwards blog about being in a creative rut or feeling guilty about indulging yourself in selfish pursuits. This is part of her 5 points...

5. Not getting anything done because there is simply not enough time. This is a big one for a lot of people. You may never even begin because you envision the need for a huge chunk of time to create something. Nothing is more frustrating than that. One of the biggest lessons for me over the last few years is that little bits of time add up to big projects. It is lovely to have hours of uninterrupted time but it just isn't realistic for most people. Make the most of the time you can carve out for yourself. Maybe you do your journaling one night and upload photos the next and bring them together on a page the following night. Stop over-thinking. Stop creating complications. Your layouts do not need to take hours to complete. Ask yourself what is most important and why do you really scrapbook?

I need to give myself a break, I do feel guilty for not getting enough scrapping done. It is a pastime I enjoy because I love my photos & recording our history & telling our stories but I look at what I want to achieve & sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed.
I enjoy going down to my sisters to spend a few hours scrapping with her but in the back of my mind is the houseful of chores I've left behind to spend that time just on me. The other thing that puts me off is the amount of supplies I feel the need to load up, it takes me ages to pack it all up to go. Scrapping is not really a portable hobby. Today was another day I had lots of plans & didn't achieve much.

And in an attempt to fix up the look of my blog I'm experimenting with a site that Sharon has put me on to.

This is my sisters & me posing for the birthday shot.

I'll try to have it scrapped soon without any obligation....

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