Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The carpark saga...

This diatribe is for you Lara.

One thing that gets on my wick is the school carpark. I have to have a little grizzle about it.
A lot of children catch a bus home, a lot get picked up by parents & a small handful walk home. The shemozzle that is the carpark is getting worse. You would think that if a child had to walk more than 5 metres it would be a tragedy in some parents eyes. I say let them walk, it wont hurt them at the end of the day to have to walk to an awaiting car, the rest of the trip is spent sitting down! Its laughable to see parents jostling for poll position to pick up their child and now the school has implented carpark patrol & put up barriers to make sure parents follow the rules. They have even split the dismissal time for the primary & secondary students by 10 minutes to clear some of the congestion.

I had to laugh at Erin today as she ran down the hill to where I wait for her in the car (its a whole 250 metres away) after school. She looked so funny with her stick arms & legs going full speed in different directions, & she looked so happy.

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  1. It's funny you say that! My carpooling friend, Andrea, and I talk about that all the time. Her kids aren't school-age yet (but very close), but her neighborhood is always clogged with people who are dropping their kids off and picking them up at school. We always remark about how no parent wants to make their kid walk to school anymore! Call me old, but when I was a kid, if you lived within a mile or two of the school, you ALWAYS walked (rain or shine, I might add). And my sister and I often BEGGED to walk home from school (about 2 miles) instead of riding the bus when the weather got warm.