Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Erin told me tonight that Mr R had given her a score for her big project... a fantastic result of 81% - thats an A don't you know Mum.

I told her how proud & pleased I am with her effort, thank goodness the pushing paid off. I asked her if she would leave it til the last minute again & she responded with 'Yeah, I work well under pressure!' I don't think so!!

Work today was really hectic, I am totally wiped out tonight. I need a bit of TLC right now. Yesterday was International Nurses Day & the hospital had arranged some pampering for us to celebrate. I went over to have a lovely foot spa, hand massage & a short session of Reiki. What is Reiki you ask??? It seems to be a nice way to spend 10 minutes laying back & relaxing with your eyes closed while you wonder if anything is actually happening. A bit of hocus pocus, non touch technique & then its all over. Hop up he said, go back to work, take a bit of cake with you as you go.

Right-o, was that it?

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