Friday, May 29, 2009


What do you get when you spin on a rope suspended from the patio roof with your feet on a skateboard & you flip off & land on your elbow???

You get to go to the Emergency department, have X-rays, & a plaster!

Just when you are contemplating the next 4 weeks putting up with the plaster, how you will shower, dress, get your uniform over the plaster, sleep etc etc. the doctor comes in & says he has spoken to the radiologist as children's fractures are not his speciality. After x-raying the non injured elbow the apparent fracture was on the other arm as well! So they got out the plaster saw & hacked off the freshly applied plaster.
We set off home with the bruised & scraped elbow fixed by 1 hour of plaster, thankful it was temporary.

Maybe the doc needed plastering practise.

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