Friday, May 1, 2009


Today has been a day full of preparing.

Firstly I helped my sister clean her home ready for her party on Sunday. Her frozen shoulder really hampers any activity especially vaccuuming, mopping & window washing, so I helped her out.

Then I came home to washing & ironing Chris' clothes so he can pack in the morning. He's off to Toowoomba to catch up with 2 of his brothers for a few days. The six children in his family are spread around Australia & he rarely catches up with them. Even rarer is them all being in the same room at the same time, hasn't happened for years.
The six siblings & their offspring have never been all together in the same place. Ever.

And finally Callum has been madly preparing for his first gig with his first band at the NoiseBar in Brunswick tomorrow night. This band only asked him to join last week so he has been learning songs on his guitar & practising playing standing up!

So its going to be a big weekend for all of us, will post some pictures soon.


  1. Thanks for all your help today. Company while doing chores makes it seem less like a drudge and it helps not to have an excuse to stop and do something more pleasureable for a while!

  2. hey Jo -thanks for the comments on my blog - I don't always reply but they are appreciated! As for your last comment - I love that photo, and am considering enlarging it for the wall - in fact I love it far more than the bloody expensive, and boring,professional shots we had done last year.

    I think its becuase I love the photo so much i had trouble deciding what to do with it!

    Have fun with your big weekend (is it a long weekend in Vic? It is here....and oh joy - helping husband in cattle yards tomorrow..WITH the kids! hee hee. What a wonderful family experience!