Sunday, May 31, 2009

Autumn days...

Today is the last day of Autumn, sunny & still. The cool air did not deter us from a ride. Boy racer always grizzles & says he is shielding me from the cold, I still feel it but I am snuggled in behind him.

While we were riding I was thinking about a trip we did from Melbourne to Toowoomba on the bike back when we were much younger & hardier.

Our trip took in stops in Canberra & Port Macquarie & an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere when we ran out of fuel.

This is the boy racer 25kms outside of Coonabarabran, scratching his head wondering why he believed his young bride when she said with confidence that we would make it to the next town with a low fuel light.

It was a dilemma to say the least. How were we to get back on the road???? This was in the times before mobile phones & the reception in the back of nowhere would probably have been non-existent. One or two cars passed us by & avoided making eye contact, there was not much traffic at all & it looked like we were well & truly stuck there.
Finally a truck actually stopped & asked if we needed help. Yes we did. But that presented up with the next dilemma. Who would go into town with the truckies to get some fuel & who would stay with the bike on the side of the road on their own. Looking back the situation was 50-50 for the realm of terrible outcomes.

I was the one who ended up going in the truck with 2 strangers. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I worried the whole 25kms into the town but those truckies were genuinely nice blokes who took me to the nearest petrol station, helped me get a gerry can of fuel, then got onto the CB radio & hooked me up with a truck coming the other way to take me back to the bike.

Boy racer made up for the 3 hour delay, don't you worry about that.

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