Thursday, May 7, 2009

The homework...

Chris is home!

Erin has had a very comprehensive project to do for homework, & tonight is the last night she/we have to work on it. It will be handed in tomorrow & I can stop nagging her to get it done.
I've sent Chris to the travel agent today to pick up some colourful brochures to add to it. She is not embracing the idea of getting on to things early & not leaving it 'til the last minute.

Callum has been invited to a fancy dress 18th birthday party & has asked me what can he wear?? The trick is to look sufficiently dressed without being uncool. We have loads of dressups in the box but of course they will only fit a 4 year old. It might be a good time to pass on some of these pirate/fairy/where's wally outfits. But when I go through the box it brings back a lot of memories of days when the there was no homework to hand in on time.

As I type this entry I am sitting at the desk at work, the last patient is gone & I am catching up on some emails etc. When I look up & out the window it is quite grey & cloudy. A burst of sunshine is beaming down on the circus which is parked over in the paddock. Their enormous tent is yellow & white stripes with 4 cornet type peaks on top. Each peak has a little flag fluttering in the wind & it looks luminous in the sunshine, quite pretty & appealing. It makes me smile when I look at it even though I don't like circuses very much. I'll try to get a pic with my phone when I go out.

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