Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little story...

about my parents.

This is my Mum & Dad happy at a fancy dress party circa 1970. Mum had made them both a matching kaftan, just whipped it up, never to be worn in any other setting. I can bet you my house that under the kaftan Dad has on a white Bonds singlet. We all thought it was hilarious that Dad was wearing a dress and jewellery! He would have been the life of the party. They would often go out to dinner dances & functions together & I always thought Mum looked beautiful.

Even after Dad died Mum loved to go out, to movies, concerts, dinners with friends, trips, she pushed herself to be social.

This photo looks like it is deteriorating with time, yellowing, so I want to scrap it to preserve the memories.

Watch this space


  1. Wow...matching kaftans! Your dad must have looooooooved your mom something terrible!

  2. Noice Jo! There is definitely something very Kath and Kel Day-Knight about this photo. I guess it was the 70s so they can be forgiven.....unlike Danny & I in our "mockies" on my blog recently...LOL! Wonder where the kaftans got to....I hear they're coming back into fashion :)
    Anita. xxx