Monday, September 10, 2012

Too tired

Too tired to do a proper post tonight, its late now and I swam this morning and played two great, fun, long rallied games with a tie breaker, in tennis.

 I finished one page for my album and even took a pic while the sun was shining but can't be bothered getting up to get the camera and upload it.

I can barely be bothered to get off the couch and brush my teeth and get into bed. The next 4 days of work are looming large in the window and the prospect is making me more tired.

Do you ever quote movie lines in your real life? I was prompted to quote "hows the serenity" when we drove through Bonnie Doon the other day, but one I often use is "we have to keep the moon in the window" from Apollo 13 when they've lost their computer guidance systems and need to keep the moon in the window as a reference point. Not sure why I thought of that but I am tired and perhaps I am looking for the guidance of the moon.

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