Friday, September 7, 2012

Running in the wind...

It has been blowing a gale around here for the last few days. Extreme winds that the experts are saying are the worst since 2008. Different areas around the state have had power outages, trees down and railways disrupted. Not only that we have been lashed with rain and more rain. Damage to our place has been minimal and the trampoline is still in the backyard. That is always a good thing. Even the washing was still there when I bought it in, although it was so cold I couldn't really tell if it was dry properly.

Erin had a prep camp on Wednesday night but was unable to put up a tent or cook on the trangia. Thankfully they were able to sleep indoors and get a hot meal but I didn't know that and worried all night about her.

Cardio tennis was cancelled for today as the majority of the players were at their childrens' school walkathon. I had heard about a running group that meets on a Friday morning and decided to give that a go instead. The motivation you get from a group is invaluable and the young trainer was excellent at pushing me when I wanted to give up. He varies the runs, which take about 30-45 mins each week, and today I had the misfortune to begin on a week where my nemesis the hill was being tackled. The five of us ran over to Erins' school, which is at the top of a hill, and we had to sprint up to the top car park and jog back down. Being a newbie I only had to do this 3 times instead of the 5 he made the others do. This short distance is quite steep and I usually drive up it in 2nd gear! But the lovely Dale stayed with me, correcting my stance, making suggestions for improvements, how to correct my breathing (my breathing always lets me down) and encouraging me all the way. All the while the wind was blowing us back and showers were cooling us off.  At the end we stretched to cool down and more tips were forthcoming.

All of this was free.

Yep, no charge, no sign up for this or that. And come next time for some more.

I'll be back and if I was on the lookout for a personal trainer (which would be great but too much money) I would be booking in with Dale. Definately. I have my routine all mapped out now.

Swimming every 2nd Monday morning. Run the alternate Mon.
Run Wednesday after work.
Pilates Thursday evening.
Cardio tennis/running group Friday mornings.
Run Saturday or Sunday.
And fingers crossed for a game of tennis with the ladies on Monday nights.

(no wonder the cobwebs have cobwebs on them)

This weekly routine costs me $44. $8 less for a non swimming week.

With Dale's help my running will improve so I can blast the 10km in the Melbourne Marathon in just 5 weeks.

The good thing about all this training is I still get to go to Big Sisters' on a Friday, like today, and have lunch with her and catch up and get some scrapping down. I'll photograph the finished product from today when the wind dies down, and share.

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  1. All sounds fun! I don't know how to run. The zombies WILL get me.