Saturday, September 1, 2012

No doubt...

No doubt about it, today was a glorious day and I got to enjoy the sunshine. I was able to feel the warmth on my face not just looking at it through the window.

Such a turn around from yesterday where I was waiting for the rain to clear to participate in my cardio tennis session. But it was worth the wait and we had a great session. One of the parts of the workout was 'musical chairs' where we started off playing shots until we made an error then we had to run around the court until the next player made a mistake then you could jump back in, it was a good workout. Even though it was chilly I stripped off my layers and ended up playing in my singlet.
Crammed into my day also was a speedy trip to Big Sisters' to have a bit of creative time, which was fun but not as productive as usual.

Likewise today when I headed out for my run in the sun I wore just a Tshirt and ended up very red faced. But it was the sort of day when you feel like throwing open the doors and windows and do a bit of spring cleaning. In the end I didn't get much of the cleaning done but its been a good day. And poking around in the garden it is encouraging to see the budding plants.

I'm taking it as a sign of things to come.

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