Saturday, September 15, 2012

My busy week...

has not let up.

After working for the past 3 days I was asked to play tennis on Thursday night. I filled in for the mixed doubles and had 2 really good games. It wasn't as intimidating as I had thought, the men were very welcoming and didn't seem to let me off by underplaying but didn't smash me either. We all had our fair share of unforced errors and perfectly placed shots. Chris is not that happy about me disappearing at dinnertime these days but my fitness has definitely improved.

Yesterday, on the day I normally have off, I travelled onto the city for a full day seminar. It was really interesting and took my full attention. I hardly missed the running, tennis and scrapping I normally do on Fridays until I was travelling home on the train.

Uuuuggghhhh!  I HATE THE TRAIN!

Not only was it running late it was packed with likewise 'over it' travellers. I understand it was the end of the day and the end of the week but I dont want to be crammed in with lots of smelly impatient people. But I finally got home and then had to zoom out to a Trivia Night.

We had fun on the night and our competitive streak came out and we did very well. With 3 generations having input, and clever use of our wild card, table number 4 nearly had it in the bag but were pipped at the post by half a point! I also picked up a bottle of champagne and a family pass to the Royal Show in door prizes. A late night but lots of fun and a test of our knowledge. I think I even learned a useless thing or two.

Today was a day to regroup and I'm back at work tomorrow for a study day. There is a loud party going on across the street and if I don't get much sleep tonight I'll be struggling tomorrow to stay awake, especially if they dim the lights during some of the boring presentations. There is only so many times you can watch the same video on the 'No Lift' principles but if any one falls asleep during my blood presentation I'll be miffed.

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