Monday, September 17, 2012

On & off again...

and back on yet again.

Tennis was a washout tonight. We had a lot of rain overnight but it cleared in the morning enough for me to hang out the washing I couldn't get to yesterday. I did  a 6km run, and planted some parsley, zucchini and tomato seedlings. I managed to find a Daphne bush at the local nursery and also planted that in the ground. I am very hopeful of bountiful produce and sweet smelling blooms. But at 645pm it started to rain again, just enough for us to stand around with our palms outstretched debating whether it would clear. By 720pm we concurred. No tennis tonight and because of the school holidays no tennis for another 2 weeks.

Something else that has been on and off again is Hayleys' moving out. This time she has decided to go and has started to move some things down to Lucys. Her Father and I have a little bet on how long she will last so I wont make any permanent changes to the configuration of rooms.

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  1. My tomatoes are just about to die :( It's getting cold here. Damn winter!