Sunday, September 23, 2012

Even more weary...

I was right to anticipate feeling weary today. I can hardly keep my eyes open after about 2 hours of sleep overnight.

This is just part of our large hospital team. We had a great sunshiney day for the start and a still evening for the candlelight ceremony. Many laughs were had, lots of laps walked and again our team reached the $5000 mark for fundraising.

Erin and I squeezed into the swag to try to get some shuteye but it was really cold and the wind got up and blew some of the tents up and over the oval fence. We were glad to get home this morning, back to our comforts.

And this afternoon after a rest and reviving shower we loaded up Hayleys double bed on the trailer and she has officially moved out. I will really miss her but she is ready for the move and should have some fun in this dose of maturity.

I am now going to bed and look forward to a lovely sleep in to boot.

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