Friday, February 24, 2012

Rhino update...

Things here at recovery central are going along well. Just resting up and sniffing. Able to do some reading, time on the computer and TV watching. I'm better than I expected to be. I haven't needed to take any of the strong pain killers I was given, my nose is sore not painful unless I try to wrinkle up my nose or wipe it, then the tears come to my eyes which makes my nose run and...that smarts!

I have been sending correspondence to our neice who is away at camp all this year. Testing the postal system with hand written letters and cards. I have not received any letters back from her yet and in this day of instant communication I am getting impatient. I used to write to my grandmother when I was a child/teenager and miss those letters in the post, it is a habit I'm trying to get Erin into as well.

The other thing I am keeping my eye on from my sick bed is the current industrial action. The governments' refusal to negotiate has pushed things to boiling point. We need to keep fighting the good fight to protect ratios and conditions.

I'm there with you in spirit.

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  1. I warned Bill that when things settled down we would get less letters. It seems things settled down too fast for how I felt at that time. We are down to one letter a week! I'd blamed it on my encouraging everyone to write to her and that now she has other people to write to, but if you haven't had a letter, who has?
    Glad you're doing ok. Louise