Sunday, February 5, 2012

Queen of the Lake...

Albert Park Lake to be exact.

I was up bright & early and saw a very pretty sunrise on my way into the city to run in the Brazillian Butterfly sponsored  'Queen of the Lake' fun run.

My anxiety about car parking was relieved when I arrived at 7:10 am to find the "limited carparking" was easy to find and only $2.30 for an all day spot right next to the start line. I picked up my race bib and timing tag, perused the stalls, watched a fashion parade of sports gear (all looks the same to me) and made use of the facilities before the 0830 start.

The weather was warm, already 24 degrees at 0630, cloudy and windy. We lined up in 3 waves and I got stuck in the middle of the second wave. Even a novice like me knows that if you are going to walk you need to stick to the back of the pack so we who want to run don't have to weave and stumble around you. Not today. Many walkers slowed down many a runner.

Other than that the event was well run, the track around the lake very nice to run on, apart from a pipe that had broken overnight & left an unavoidable puddle & bog that cooled off my feet. The head wind on the way back made choppy waves on the lake and slowed us all down. We had to tuck our heads down & keep plodding on.

At the end we picked up our goodie bags, including a visor and a bottle of this refreshing water

Thanks Emma & Tom for a very refreshing drink. I'll keep my eye out for their products in future, it was just what I needed to quench my thirst.

Got my results early in the afternoon: Overall place 460 (2,500 registered for 5km/10km/walk) in 34:59.3. Age category 68th.

I was home by 1030, in time for a shower and lunch before heading down to Maddingley park to help out at the First Aid Tent at the Car Show

It was still hot, very windy and very very dusty. Mandy & I spent the afternoon chatting, no medical emergencies major or minor diverted our attention. Mandy was very well set up with the portable O2 cykinder and automatic defib. 3 bandaids were dished out for the whole day.

Then it rained a least thats one night off the watering

Then I did my ironing...I'm sort of ready for the week

Then I finished my book...and I'm itching to start another but maybe I'll go to bed early instead. Or I could read in bed and pretend I'm resting.

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