Thursday, February 16, 2012

More lightning...

Today was the day the rain fell.
It fell in a spectacular storm producing 30 mls of rain this afternoon. We also had thunder, black skies, lightning flash flooding and a power failure at work. There is always that nervous moment when it all goes black and quiet and you hold your breath waiting for the generator to kick in. That feels like the longest 5 seconds. Then breath a sigh of relief ...7 dialysis machines to hand pump with 4 staff = a nightmare avoided. The generator is meant to kick in immediately but today there was enough time for us to look at each other and wonder if it was.

I'm reposting the lightning pic from last Thursday night (once a week storm, now that's freaky) with an edit to highlight the face outline I can see. Maybe its a bit like clouds, only you can see a particular shape.

Hope some rain fell gently in your part of the world.

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